Manga ratings

I've not seen a lot of manga but according to what I've watched recently I'd just like to give some ratings.


  • Bleach – very nice anime. It has a quite slow start but it's very gripping once u've got over the forst 10 episodes. It's has some good fights, is funny but for now lacks romance.
  • Full metal Alchemist – nice one, many people will just love it


  • Naruto – very famous but fillers are quite boring – it's losing its funny touch
  • Berserk – quite dark!!! It's all about fighting for what I've seen till now

That's all for now, I'l continue when I have some more time.

2 responses to “Manga ratings

  1. Bleach is quite good but got a bit bored …. a bit too repetitive…

    Naruto… one of my favourite anime… but the fillers are totally spoiling it!!! the manga is better

    FMA- really good..good storyline but the end is a bit deceiving

    Berserk-too bloody for me

    i would recommend Basilisk.It is a really good anime but a bit short imo

  2. Bleach is indeed my favorite anime..
    now i admit that the filler are boring..
    bt on the otherside, this was necessary so as to have time for the real story (which is still being written) to get far enough so that we can have some anime episodes..
    personally i find the manga more interesting than the anime..well lately the anime also has been rather interesting with the batlle of the 3 extremes, Ichigo, Byakuya and Kariya..and the battle between Zaraki and Ichinose
    Well let’s c whr this takes us to..

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