Da Vinci Code

There been a lot of fuss lately on Da Vinci code and Mauritius has not been spared. Thank God, religious authorities have not tried to prevent that movie from coming out. Anyway i think that all this fuss is juste a waste of time.
Mr Dan Brown has written a good book that is entertaining and intriguing. The controversy however arises when it is said, in the book, that Christ got married, had a kid and that his great-great-great …. -great granddaughter is still alive today. Shocking!!! Sure??? Well why don’t we simply consider Da Vinci Code as a good fiction and an entertaining story.
If u want to know about the life of Christ, then read the Bible. However if you want to see an intriguing movie, go see Da vinci code. As far as i know Dan Brown has not said that he plans to re-write the Bible (or prove it to be false); he has just written a book (inspiring himself on the Bible probably) and has added things that would seem normal – it’s quite normal for humans to get married and procreate; that the basis of life; that why you and me are here right now.
I would also like to point out that the foundation of Christian faith (according to me) is that Christ died and was brought back to life again in 3 days!!! No man has been able to do that and that’s how he proved to his disciples that he’s God, if someday someone manages to prove that wrong, then Christianity will crumble – not by claiming that Jesus got married.

I saw Da Vinci code, it’s entertaining 🙂

3 responses to “Da Vinci Code

  1. the book was fine, though i’ll suggest any1 who wants to read it to get his hands on angels and demons also, another interesting book by dan brown, perhaps even more than davinci code. unfortunately i didnt quite like the film, maybe because i have already read the book and was expecting a bit more from the film, and well some parts of the movie just don’t fit along with the existing story from the book

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