Ruroni Ruroni Ruroni

Even before I started watching Ruroni Kenshin, i heard that it was a great anime (I’ve heard that Samurai X – what comes before Kenshin is even better but can’t confirm that yet) and I must agree with that. The “manslayer turned wanderer with an oath never to kill again” starts slowly but bit by but we discover the true nature of Kenshin (now fighting with a reverse blade sword) as his past comes to haunt him back.
Compared to most other anime, most of the series are just one or two episodes standing in isolation apart from a few very very gripping set of episodes (particularly shishio) but it is nice and easy watching. So if you have a chance to see it, go for it but it requires a lot of downloads – about 90 episodes.

P.S. Seeing Japan move from a sword driven society to modern age is also very interesting – people always have problems to adapt and this series depicts that as well. Don’t know how much truth there’s in that though!

7 responses to “Ruroni Ruroni Ruroni

  1. watched first episode only..downloaded the dual audio format..was like 250mb… it’s not bad..quite funny but i dun like the drawings too much especially Kenshin…. i have downloaded only 3 eps for now…. the eps are a bit too big….

    also watched samurai x…but i dun like it at all… lol

  2. i watched samurai x… it is an interesting anime… so i guess the sequel to it must be quite good also, i’ll try getting my hand on episodes of ruroni kenshin

  3. was a good anime download site but i dun like it very much now… very few updates and the new download system sucks…. i think u need to re-authenticate ur downloads to resume them something like’s very annoying… i downloaded Samurai Champloo(haven’t watched it yet) in the past and Last Exile(there’s no sound lol)…

  4. Well i have to agree that downloading only 2/3 episodes at a time is a drag but I got good downloads there n I’m 95% of the time satistified with the quality. However, recently the download speeds have gone really down n what I’m getting r horrible!!! 5K at most 😦

  5. i prefer avi/mkv/ogg to rmvb although rmvb is still good… but i always want the best quality for my Anime 🙂

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