I hate

I hate:

  • people with no personality
    • I really hate people who can’t decide things on their own and just live their lives according to other people. These people should in fact be sheeps 🙂 coz it better reflects their personality. People have a brain to think, make decision and act (not to wear hats). So why not make use of it.
    • Also once you have made a decision, stick to it (but review it in the light of new evidence – only fools never make mistakes) and fight for it – prove u r a man!
  • racist people
    • I hate people discriminating at others for the sake of colour of the skin. Who said that white is beautiful and black ugly? There’s also reverse racism where black people hate white people and discriminate them
    • Racism is not only in terms of colour but also religion. Christians discriminating against Muslims and the reverse, Hindus discriminating against Chinese and the reverse, … the list goes on.
    • Anyway, what’s this stupidity? It all bogs to discriminating against someone on something he/she can’t do anything about – and the worse it’s sometimes very religious people who are racists. Yet I’m not aware of any sacred book saying that white is a good colour and black is bad or saying that only people who belong to this religion are good!!!
  • lazy people who complain all the time
    • some people just idle all day long and then complain that they have miserable life. Well some basic rules: if u want to pass exams you must study, to study u must buy books (not mobile phones or mp3 players) – later when u get money, you buy phones or mp3 players. If u want to earn money, u must work; money doesn’t grow on trees!!! So u reap what u sow. Stop stop complaining, get yourself together and work for your dreams.
  • irresponsible people
    • people who never assume their responsibilities and push that on others (pas moi sa, li sa). What the hell is that? You erred – assume it.

I wrote quite strongly about those coz I feel quite strongly about those. Also I’m NOT criticising any religion. I’m christian by birth – don’t want to hide it but i’m not too sure I believe in religions any more. More people have been killed because of religion that people have died due to cowpox or chickenpox. I think I believe in God but I’m wary of religions coz religions seem to divide more than unite.

3 responses to “I hate

  1. WEll said!!!! idiots and the weak have no place here! they are only here to provide amusement for the strong! death to them all!

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