It’s not a bad world!!!

Last saturday I lost my pendrive. Looked for it for a week but could not find it. If it fell down somewhere not at home or in my office, did not have any hope that it would be returned to me and so was already inquiring about prices.

However today, someone dropped the pen drive in the office of one of my workmates, Anwar. So good people exist still exist in this world. Don’t be discouraged by the news saying only gloomy things, some people are up to good and many of them I would think are honest.


2 responses to “It’s not a bad world!!!

  1. Mais oui les gens sont honnêtes.

    J’ai perdu mon portefeuille et mes clés des tas de fois on me les a toujours rendus.
    Bon on m’a aussi démoli le portarit à coup de pied pour me le piquer une fois. Il y a aussi des gens pas très honnêtes ^^

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