Autostereoscopic displays for gaming

Can you imagine images coming out of your screen? Well this is what autostereoscopic displays promise and they are already doing it (even more interesting, you won’t need any special glasses to see the 3D images).

Now let’s push that a bit further. Just imagine you are playing DOOM3 alone in your room at night, the sound is at its max (u r wearing headphones of course). U’ve been walking through a pitch dark corridor, everything is deadly silent – so silent that u can hear your avatar breathing and suddenly a monster jumps on you! Awesome – can it get better than that in terms of gaming experience?

Autostereoscopic display + DOOM3 Monster =??? (something nice I bet)

So let’s hope that these screen come out here soon at affordable prices – it will be the gamer’s heaven or hell if it’s DOOM3.

A nice link where you can more information about autostereoscopic displays:

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