Kiki Delivery Service

Once again Miyazaki has done it; another masterpiece has come out of the Ghibli studio. “Kiki est une bouffe d’air frais”. It’s so light and nice to watch the adventures of a young with as she has to leave home to go on her training for a year. She faces loneliness, rejection (coz she is different) and eventually ends up doubting her powers – eventually losing them. Watch the movie to see how it all happen and learn the rest of the story.

Also, Jiji the cat is so funny.

However, for good or worse, we don’t see the spirits that inhabit the world of Princess Mononoke or Spirited away.

Loved it.


One response to “Kiki Delivery Service

  1. haven’t watched that one..just downloaded “Le chateau ambulent” .. but haven’t watched it yet.. didn’t really like Spirited Away altohugh it is very original..

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