I’ve just discovered a very useful site; http://www.oldversion.com. As its name suggests, it allows older versions of software to be downloaded. Why would you bother? Simply because we can’t always keep in touch with the latest OS released by Bill and latest versions of software sometimes don’t work on old OS that we have! So getting the previous good old version might help.

The site does not host a lot of software but the most useful are there.


One response to “oldversion.com

  1. Some of us, like me, live in oldversion.com because we are older and the entire world seems not to run on our previous verson. For instance, I remember the first televsion our family purchased. It seemed as magic as anime!

    I like your site. I believe you will live in the UK, if that is where you want to go. Otherwise you could do good well where you are at the University. You seem to have a great attitude. You are far advanced compared to me. I have just tried to make my first web site and I believe that practice will make me more proficient.

    Good luck. Phrenseed http://gnuzworks.com

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