Nomad Rabbit

After a lot of thinking, I’ve decided to give a try to Nomad for Internet connection at home. Usually I use Internet at work and rarely at home but sometimes I badly need Internet at home coz I’ve forgotten to download something – and this is happening more and more these days. Previously I was using the 56kbps from Mauritius Telecom but in addition of being slow, it’s bloody expesive for what it’s worth! So I’ve gone for the 64kbps WiMax technology provided by Nomad.

It’s not that fast – I’ve paddling the web rather than surfing it, but for its price, it good. I’m getting similar internet connection to what I got with my 56kbps modem or even slightly higher but at a much cheaper price – a flat rate of about Rs 630 per month for 24/7 access.

Luckily I’m in the coverage area and hopefully its price will go down soon 🙂

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