Panda3D and Python

I’ve just discovered a new game engine – Panda3D it’s called and it’s developped by Disney and Carnegie Mellon. Hmmm, these guys are interesting, let’s see what they’ve done.

At first sight, the game engine does not look that poweful – the graphics are not what you would get from Unreal Engine! Also, it’s developped in python – how can I betray by beloved C/C++??? This would be an outrage!!!

However, a closer look revealed a simple game engine that seems very easy to use – I don’t know python at all but I’ve writing codes!!! So the next step was to download a python IDE – for the sake of syntax hilighting and here we go!

Python is cool!!! I’ve now downloading it for Windows – betraying linux for a while but I’ve only downloaded Panda3D for windows for now. Also lots of tutorials seem to be available
Conclusion: Panda3D and python is fun.

Also, Python got its name from Monty Python – not the snake; what a relief. What is also means is that it’s creators have a good sense of humour.

Thanks to Ashmeeta and Vicky, two project students of mine for making me discover this.
Shit I should doing TAL & lecture notes!!! 😉

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