Sports, health and Mauritius

I play football every Saturday – it’s not seriouos football or anything of the sort (galoupe – casse vente – et mette boucoup dialogs 🙂 ) . Previously we had lots of “players” but recently the number has been declining until we are now left with a small group of “irreductibles Gaulois batter boule” :).

So, out of despair – we don’t want to run the whole length of the field, we’re inviting players but God it’s hard to find new players!!! Yet, diabetes, high blood pressure,… is increasing in Mauritius. Is that so weird!!! I guess no, I’m sure that if I was organising a dhool-purri party every Saturday I’d have to tell people not to come – LOL.

If we want to be healthy, we’ll very soon have to adopt good eating habits and a sports culture – by that I don’t mean, lying on the couch n screaming when Machester scores while eating tons of crisps!


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