IC3 Mauritius

IC3 stands for Internet and Computing Core Certification is a very nice and ambitious programme launched by the NCB with support of the Mauritian Government. The aim is to train 400 000 people in 3 years. Given that there are about 1.2 million people on the island, this represents a third of the population.

However, is it feasible? Do we need that many people trained in ICT?

Honestly I don’t know is my answer to both questions but what I know is that if this is acheived, It’s going to be something really really great. People won’t become more efficient just by knowing IT – far from that – but making all these people aware of a new technology is bound to put some ideas in the minds of a tiny percentage of those being trained and this is what might spark a small IT revolution. We just need 1 or 2 guys to start a revolution.

Am I being over optimistic about the whole of it? Maybe yes. But if it’s done properly, it’s gone to have some beneficial consequences. So lets’ wait and see.

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