on 64K Nomad

Being a big fan of Frozen Throne (not the perfect gamer though) I’ve decided to have a go at playing the Frozen Throne on the Internet.

First, had a big patch 48 MB patch to download. No way I would download that at home, so got it from someone. Next, how would the gameplay be like? 64 K is small and Nomad is infamous for having intermittent connection! Yet, that would not discourage me.

So, tried to connect to the Europe area (Northend) … it worked. Now connect to a game … it works … starting … huge lags … I get ripped apart (that was painful – getting beaten while your game is frozen n u can’t do a thing). Yet, late at night the connection improved and “wins” started coming in.

My current stats are very poor; hopefully they’ll improve someday (the loss streak is only 5 now compared to 11 the first time i played 🙂 )

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