Life after death!!!

Is there life after death? All religions advocate life after death either in the form of heaven or reincarnation. Yet, why is there nothing after death?

Just imagine: you die and that’s it. There’s nothing after that – you just have your 70 years to be alive and after that you vanish forever! Scary isn’t it. Yes it is and for us humans, with our overinflated ego, this is nearly impossible to accept – “logically, it can’t all end there!!!” or so they say. But it is a possiblilty as life after death is another.

I’m not saying that there is nothing after death but the promise of life after death is a very interesting concept adopted by most religions: You have to be good in this short life that’s yours on earth else you will suffer eternal torment in hell or be reincarnated as a flea-infested dog! What better mechanism is there to make people behave properly? Well there’s the law but the law cannot see everything. So for what the law cannot see, you will eventually be punished by eternal suffering!

What better control mechanism is there? I can’t see any :). So even if life after death does not exist, saying that is does makes an excellent control mechanism.

4 responses to “Life after death!!!

  1. Enigma believes in Life After Death

    the album confirms it:
    “Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi”

    Fans of Enigma wont say otherwise 😛

  2. Yo well the truth is that we can’t be sure abt that one way or another. best way would be to test i.e to die but unfortunately for us resurrection spells 🙂 are not yet available so finding the answer could be a bit of a no-win:)
    at any rate some peope who were in coma do say they’ve seen tunnel, angel etc which religious people say amounts to evidence but frankly it’s just how u spin things.
    In relation to your control mechanism most of our laws and i can say that from the point of view of a lawyer derive themselves from some religious principle initially. Now it is more the society that controls this and we all know how society and religion are connected.
    But I am those that believe that life is all about choices and deciding on a course of action which is religiously accepted or not is our choice.

  3. Hello Sir,

    There is life after death it depands what u do in this life that is kind of life style u have in next life. If u do good than GOD will take u away from rebirth again. But if you spend your life in doing goods thngs u remember GOD everyday u thankfull to him. Than u will go to heaven you dont need to get rebirth again. I am SIKH my religion says if u think about money befrore u died. you will become snack in your next life. If u r really interested email me I will send you some material that may change your thinking.

    take care

    Manu Singh

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