Just discovered this anime last week -its name attracted by attention. Well Hellsing is a British organisation that exterminates vampires. Well yes, the story takes place in Englas. The hellsing organisation is led by Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing and the main asset of the organisation is a vampire, Alucard, that holds in very low respects other vampires – why is Alucard bound to the Hellsing organisation, we do not know!

Alucard has “an apprentice” – Seras Victoria (aka Police girl) who is very cute that finds it hard to accept that she has turned into a vampire and has to drink blood.

If u’ve liked Berserk and Blood+, I guess that u’ll find this one nice too.

6 responses to “Hellsing

  1. In the end of the series, Seras Victoria has been neglected. She was supposed to be one of the main characters but I didn’t know what happened after she killed one of the best modified vampire.

    There are so many critics in the anime. Maybe the story is to short that some of the characters’ stories has been neglected.

    Anyway, I like the art. Especially, when Alucard transformed into a beast. He rocks!

  2. wow sa mo felicit toi ek seki to in fer ek to blog.
    rien a dire, sa require plis ki tire sapo c purkoi mo tir mayo ar toi, sans comenter…

  3. akaru, thats one of the first anime i ever got… apres ki nilesh in recommande moi… i particularly liked the last episode in fact… where alucard demonstrate his sheer power! and basically im fond of the guy… he’s so sure of himself, everything is just a game for him… and he’s got a sense of honour, tjrs fidel ala maison hellsing, its been more than 2 years when i watched it.. but finding your post, i think i’ll do myself a hellsing nite ce soir, histoire d’oublier les concurency and parallelism!

  4. If you want a better story from Hellsing, read the manga. It came before the anime and gives much more depth to everyone’s character. That, and Nazi vampires attack England. The anime is a disgrace.

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