Perfect PC / Hard Disk configuration

This might be overambitious as title but I can’t think of another way of saying it right now!
Whenever I have to set up a new PC, I always install 2 OS – Windows and linux. Windows – can’t play games without it (and Maya PLE does not work on Linux ;( )! Linux – perfect working enviroenmnet that’s smooth and sleek (rarely crashes, fast, no virus, all the programming tools you need,… ). Any comments would be most welcome.

So the meat:

  • Windows gets installed on a big NTFS partitions that can support it + all programs you’ll have to install. That will typically be Drive C.
  • Then drives D, E (or any other hard disks that you have) as Fat 32 partitions to ensure perfect read/write with most Linux distros. This is where u need to keep all your data; e.g. D – your documents, E – your music and films
  • Finally a last part for Linux (swap, boot and root) where u’ll install your perferred Linux distro. Try not to save things in the “home” directory of Linux but rather in the D drive meant for the documents.

The disadvantages – fewer of them; easier to write:) :

If you are a noob, intalling Linux might be a hard the first time + u’ll need to invest a min of 5 GB for Linux that u’ll waste if you won’t ever use Linux.

The advantages:

If you ever need to reformat windows, just do it, no back up required (make sure you format only drive C during installation though). U’ll only have to re-install your programs after. Similarly, u want to try another linux distro, no probs, just install it over your current Linux distro. Well, even if you do not plan to use Linux, I’d advise you to have it installed since if you ever get bogged by a Windows Virus or Windows simply won’t boot on a particular day (remember Murphy’s law), all your data will be available through Linux! Linux will be your safety net and I assure you that just for that, it’s worth the hassle of installing it!

Also, with Linux around, u’ll be pirating less software!

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