VRML on Linux – Hurray Octaga!!!


Finally there’s a decent plugin for VRML and X3D on Linux! No more crap promises from Freewrl, the Octaga player is here and it rules. There’s a special version for ubuntu (the leading Linux distro these days) and another version for other distros (apart from the usual Windows version).
I’ve installed it on Kubuntu and it works to perfection.


11 responses to “VRML on Linux – Hurray Octaga!!!

  1. coo sir, hope ur are enjoying it
    need to have a look at it. 4get to say
    Zetwal talking, who’s listening? 🙂
    Stepane is listening

  2. Hurray Octaga. Hope u are having fun with it. surtous le fameux KUBUNTU.
    By the way i have try edubuntu, nice but more intersting for children

  3. Hello Zetwal and Stephane
    We at Octaga are very happy to receive this kind of feedback on our work. We are very devoted to X3D, beeing cross platform, and to improve the Octaga Player user experience. Please give user feedback to support@octaga.com

  4. Hi Hailong Zhang

    Actually I don’t know if there a plug-in for firefox on Linux. I think that it is only a standalone player (at least this is how it works on my PC). FreeWrl should provide a so so alternative if you want to view VRML from firefox.

  5. Hello, I might be being a bit dense here- i’ve installed Octaga player on my ubuntu (6.06)- what are the commands for viewing a vrml file? There doesn’t seem to be a lot of information online. Cheers!

  6. Hi Pascal;
    Admittedly the move to 2 new parsers last fall created some bugs – but feedback would have been welcome.

    Tomorrow FreeWRL will be announced as one of 3 X3D browsers that are certified “Interchange Profile” compliant. Along with this will be source code (already on SourceForge), OS X binaries, Fedora Core and Ubuntu distros (i386 and amd64).

    You’ll note that FreeWRL runs standalone, and in a browser. It’s threaded, to better take advantage of new multi-core CPUs. It supports many types of textures, and sound. It now interfaces to MIDI and Propellerheads’ Reason software.

    What we are doing with FreeWRL in our research might not jive with your uses – but that’s fine. Just like OSX, Linux, and Windows appear to meet differing needs.

    I’ve got a new employee here producing the rpms/debs; exactly when he will have them finished is not known – but I’d expect that they would be up by the end of this week.

    Tell us what you think we are doing right, and what we are doing wrong. Without feedback, we can’t improve this open-source product.

    John Stewart – freewrl-06 at rogers.com

  7. octaga player does have a Mozilla plugin that works for me on Ubuntu 8.10 amd64, i have it done with nspluginwrapper, i assume it would be better however on i386 Linux instead.

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