Holidays in Rodrigues


Just spent 3 days in Rodrigues with Begum, Sonu and Visoushee. We landed on the Wednesday the 27th at around 10 pm and came back Saturday the 30th at 11:30 pm – it was veryu nice and relaxing; we spent 2 nights at Cotton Bay (where everything is as usual so nice) and a night at Les Goyaviers in Baie aux Huitres (a cheap hostel where the lady cooks gorgeous food and organises nice trips).


Rodrigues is very nice and you easily fall in love with it but since I’m a geek in the making, I need more technology that is currently available in Rodrigues but it would be nice to have a house there to just chill out from time to time.

4 responses to “Holidays in Rodrigues

  1. fall in love with Rodrigues huh? i wud rather use that expression with ‘birds’ but hey everyone to their own right!:) dude went clubing on 30th Dec and I was bob how gay is that not even one drop of alcohol

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