Ile Cocos – Rodrigues

This has got to be the nicest place you can go to in Rodrigues.

It’s a small island about 3 – 4 km off the west coast of Rodrigues and by pirogue, you’ll take about 45 mins – the time required to catch 2 fish – to reach there (depending on the tide of course).


The main attraction of this island is that thousands of birds that live there – there are birds everywhere and some trees seem to have more birds on them than leaves. Our guide told us of 3 species, “la vierge” which is immaculately white, the “yeye” which is greyish on top and white on its belly and the “mandarin” a greyish bird which is by far the most common. When I was there, it was the nesting season; the birds were either sitting on their eggs or looking after their youngs – which means that they were a bit aggressive – and those they are nexting everywhere, in nest on trees (obviously) but also directly on the ground or on branches without any nests!

The beach round the island is superb white sand surrounded by a turquoise sea – it’s hard to resist a dip in that (but there’s a nicer place to dip – just continue reading) and occasionally, there are shoals of small fish swimming one from the the beach; it’s just wonderful to walk through them.

Lunch was “rougaille” of octopus with grilled fish (BBQs are not allowed on the island since it is a bird reserve).

On leaving Ile Cocos and if you are lucky the tide will be low and if that happens, man u r lucky!!! You will be taken to sand dunes (next to Ile aux Sables, the latter is a nature reserve which is strictly forbidden) that emerges at low tide. It’s the perfect place for a dip. You simply can’t find better than that!!! Forget the nicest beaches or the nicest swimming pools in any hotel, this is THE place swim or to simply lie down – it’s a natural Jacousi. We stayed there for nearly one and a half hour (and my back got badly burned as a result, so don’t forget the sun cream) lie down and swimming (for the first time I saw a living “Koki Bonheur – it’s like a snail :)”.


But beware of one thing, leaving your shirt or towel on the sand dunes is a bad idea. It will get wet and you’ll have to dry it on your way back 🙂

So, this is the destination that you should absolutely not miss if you go to Rodrigues.


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