Mauritian Union – recruiting members

Let’s be honest for once. Mauritius is a multi-racial country ans we are “multi-racists” except for a few exceptions. It’s true that we all live in peace and harmony (there have only been two major uprisings where religion has been the cause in about 40 years) but nevertheless we like to keep to ourselves and to our small group. We do have friends that are of many different religions but deep down inside we know that they are different. In other words, most Mauritians are racists!

But there’s hope. There are a few who r genuinely not racists and the new generation of Mauritians seem to care less about religious differences apart from some desperate cases – God is so so unfair; he gives a decent brain to very few people and leave the others to b sheeps with no brain coz if u do have a brain and do use it to think, u will realise that u could have been born in any religion (or ethnic group) and u despising people of the other religion is down right stupid. Moreover, biologically there are no more differences between people of different religions that between people of the same religion.

Anyway, so for real Mauritians who are not racists, where do we fit in Mauritius? We would not join groups like Hindu House, L’Union Chretienne,… . So why not create a new group of our own where the way to get in is just by proving that you are not a racist but a true Mauritian. We’ll need to find a decent name for it – Mauritian Union sucks 😉

So who’s in? As any decent association, we’ll need to have a president, vice-president, treasurer,… and hold regular meetings 😉

P.S. How will u know if u r not a racist and can become a member of Mauritian Union:

  1. Do you wonder; is he a Hindu / Chinese / Christian when u c someone?
    1. If yes, sorry mate, u r out
  2. Do you have friends of all religions?
    1. If yes, u r cool
  3. Would you mind your son/daughter/bro/sis marrying someone not of your religion?
    1. if yes, sorry mate
  4. Do you believe that all people are the same no matter what religion they are?
    1. if yes, u r cool

I hope u understand, we can accept only pure Mauritians 😉

8 responses to “Mauritian Union – recruiting members

  1. racism have been very much the talk recently.. something quite interesting about mix marriages on also.

    frankly young people are really racists.. we mix up rather well..

    And if you are serious about the group.. am IN 🙂

  2. Mon cher Pascal,
    One should think about what racism means and who is a branded a racist today and for what reasons! Racism exists everywhere and even if it were non-existant, yet your very own neighbours (the ones u meeet at work, along the road or in the shop corner) will always try to sort out the differences and insult you ‘de passage’.

    Racism sucks but also it’s not through mixed marriages that one wants to solve the problems bugging this world of ours. Differences always arise. All the time.

  3. Hi Cuanhtemoc

    Well I never said that mixed marriage is a way to stop racism but I guess that if someone marrying a person of another religion is a proof that they r not bothered about religious differences. However, racism is not only about religious differences, it’s also about colour of your skin, ethnic differences,…
    Differences do not need to arise, they are there but discriminating someone based on these differences (something they can’t change and are not responsible for) sucks. It’s only shows “une etroitesse d’esprit”.

  4. Hi everybody!

    Still accepting formal application for membership? 😉
    Finally I got some minutes to post here because I wanted for such a long time to do it.

    I think in question #3 it was ommitted one word: ‘YOURSELF”.
    More precisely: “Would you mind yourself, your son …..”

    I am sure most of us did not choose the religion we were born in, but we can choose not to let it interfere with and control our life.

    I would like the position related to “Foreign Affairs”… 🙂 You know why, Pascal … 😉

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