Cotton Bay – Rodrigues

The Cotton Bay hotel is situated in Pointe Cotton, on the north east coast of Rodrigues.


Last time i’ve been there was around 15 years ago and it hasn’t changed a bit; the service is just as good as it used to be and the hotel is as quiet as ever (except for the swimming pool) which makes it perfect for relaxing. However, go on a diet before u go there coz they give u tons of nice food to eat and everything is open buffet.

In the morning, it’s English breakfast (beacon, egg, sausage, roasted potatoes, baked beans) + juice, toasts, fruits (the pineapple is lovely). At around 4:00, u’ll get 2 pancakes and at 7:00 is the apero – the rum with honey and lemon is particularly good. Dinner is an array of dishes but I’d recommend the starters and dessert; the main course is so so.

Note: u’d better take your apero with u to dinner coz anything u have to buy any drinks u want.

There are quite a few activities that are organised at the hotel like diving and at night, during the week end, there are shows.


Also, Cotton Bay is within Walking distance to Trou D’argent. Trou D’argent is a pure white beach surrounded by rocks and it’s one of the main attractions of the island. It’s one of the must-see in Rodrigues. If you decide to walk back to Cotton bay, u r in for a treat. The landscape is awesome; there are white beaches and rocks that have been eroded by the sea and whatever I can write here cannot describe what you are going to see. It is simply one the best parts of the island I’ve been to after Ile Cocos.

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