$100 laptop for Mauritius?


Have u heard of the $100 laptop? It’s a wonderful small PC conceived at the MIT lab for developped countries and it is going to be shipped as from this year.

You could wonder: What would u get for $100 (roughly Rs 4000)? But man it’s a real deal; this machine is jammed packed with technology (it especially has wonderful networking capabilities), is so cute that everyone would want one and the most interesting thing about it is since ithas been developped for developping countries, it’s quite robust and its battery can be charged without electricity – pulling a lever does the job!


Some specs: The processor has been designed by AMD, it has 128Mb of memory, it has full wireless networking capabilities, 2 usb ports, no hard disk but 512 MB-1 GB of flash memory (they did not c it worthwhile to have a big hard disk) and it will be shipped with a cut down version of the Linux operating system (free).

So what is Mauritius waiting for to ask for these? What if all ZEP schools were to embark on such a project – the other schools would be jealous of them anad all schools would want to be ZEP then 😉 . If countries like Bazil, Nigeria and even the USA (yes them too supposedly for some of their states) think that it’s a good idea, why don’t we think the same? Of course, I don’t know about all the requirements (if any) for Mauritius to be elligible in such a project but i think we should very soon enquire about that. After all, are we not trying to make Mauritius an intelligent island and this “one laptop per child” project would be the ideal companion to the IC3 government project where 400 000 people are to be trained in IT over 3-4 years.

7 responses to “$100 laptop for Mauritius?

  1. just add some harman/kardon speakers to it 🙂 and i’ll buy lol

    besides the color it seems really interesting and i believe university students might be interesteD.

  2. Well according to the guys who made the laptop, everyone who saw the laptop wants one for his/her own including the president of Brazil and Bono. I’d b in terested in one too 🙂
    As for the speakers, there’s surely a way to connect them as the microphone will be one of the input devices.

  3. I guess no. They have their own special OS which is derived from Linux. Windows programs can be quite bulky – what they want is light-weight stuff.
    U’ll note that they do not have a big Hard Disk.

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