Twelve Kingdoms


It’s a 45 episode anime that tells the story of Youko, an ordinary Japanese high school girl, who suddenly gets transported to another world where she discovers that she’s the queen to be of the kingdom of Kei.

This anime boasts nice animation and a decent story but which I find has been kind of stretched at times and made longer than it should.

The main interest of this story lies in the development of the main character Youko. In Japan, she is a nice and timid girl who does whatever she can to please everyone around her (mum, dad, classmates, teacher,…) . Eventually everyone likes her but is she leading her life or the life the world would like her to lead.

It’s only when she’s alone in the kingdom of Kou and faces rejection because she a “Kaikyaku”, a person who has been blown to the Twelve Kingdoms from Japan. With the help of Rakushun (that saves her from a certain death and changes her heart as well) and the King of the Kingdom of En, she managed to get her throne back from a false queen and there after she sets out to rule her kingdom (with the help of Keiki – a sort of demi god who is her advisor known as kirin) not without having to overcome many obstacles.

There are many small stories in this anime like the story of Taiki a black kirin, the story of the king of En and his kirin and … There are 45 episodes in all but personally I think that it would have been better had it stop at episode 39; the remaining oukepisodes is just a story about the king of En which does not show us more of Youko.

It’s a nice anime which has a very good rating on but for now it falls just short of my top 5 list of anime.


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