Howl’s moving castle


Another of Miyazaki’s anime which is as usual very very good – what you you expect! But still I prefer the “lightness” of Kiki my favourite witch 🙂

This is the story of a pretty hatmaker, Sophie, who is put under a spell by a witch which turns her into an old hag 🙂 but a nice one. So to restore her youghful appearance, Sophie has no choice but to embark on ajourney which sees her leaving her home to stay in a moving castle powered by Calcifer a fire demon – special mention for this guy; he’s like the Jiji in Kiki. The master of the castle is Howl, a very good looking and powerful wizard.


I’ll stop here before turning this post into a spoiler. It’s definitely a must see movie.

7 responses to “Howl’s moving castle

  1. I have a DVD copy of that film…still haven’t yet finished it!!!!

    Love the way they rendered the walking castle….

  2. have this one… but haven’t watched yet..i am not a big fan of Miyazaki

    watch’s pretty’s from the creator of Akira.

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