The Web 2.0 revolution

Everyday I start my linux box; launch firefox and open my personalised google home page. There I c which new mails i’ve got and check/ upgrade my agenda and add some sticky notes for the day. Usually I’ll have some administratve work to do. So I open Google Docs and write whatever I need and print it while glancing at the latest news headlines.

12 months ago:

I start my PC with the lovely welcome note of windows. I open thunderbird and read/reply to my mail. Any important thing to do is noted down on my desk on some scrap piece of paper. Then I launch MS Word and do the boring administrative work while launching firefox n going through my bookmark of interesting headlines.

These two scenarios show the change that Web 2.o has brought to my computing life. I still don’t do everything online but it looks like one day I’ll just open firefox n do everything there! So rumors that Microsoft is “scared” by Web 2.0 and google are not that farfetched. I’m lucky to have a 24 hour internet connection (though at home it’s the crappy 64K of Nomad i’m still able to use all the benefits of Web 2.0 without too many headaches) and in the near future I c myself going mainly online for everything.


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