Death Note – anime

Have you heard of this anime? According to Anime News Network, it’s the BEST anime right now!


Death Note is the story of a very bright Japanese high school student, Light Yagami, who one day discovers the notebook of a shinigami – Death God; mind you they are completely different from the Bleach shinagami. So he decides to create the perfect world where there will be no criminals; he writes down the name of the bad guys and they drop like flies.

The authorities can’t let that continue and a crack detective, codenamed L is sent to track down Light. This is the start of a breathtaking story where L and Light engage in a thrilling virtual game of chess with humans as pawns that Light. Even more interesting is the similitudes that exist between L and Light; they are so alike, yet so different!!!

Who will win? Don’t know, not seen the whole series yet but it will definitly be a close call. You can’t resist being on Light’s side even though he is the “bad guy”.


5 responses to “Death Note – anime

  1. my cuz told me it’s good!! gonna start watchin it soon….

    btw: Naruto fillers have finally ended!! after like 1 year now!!! lolz

  2. lol I know who will win (Have read the manga) But i must admit i like the anime more 🙂 plus, i now learnt that raito meant light 😀 😀 (It would make sense sinse RAI often has to do with light/lightning/thunder
    etc 🙂

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