Python : a big bad snake?

I’ve recently discovered a programming language called python. Scary I thought it would be, after all it’s named after a big bad snake (A python supposedly ate 11 wtach-dogs in an orchard in Malaysia just recently)! Well nope. It’s creator Guido van Rossum is a guy with taste – he named the language after the Monty Python (I especially recommend “The life of Brian” by the Monty Python – one of the best movies i’ve seen so far; too many funny scenes to describe)

So what is Python? A scripting language… err yes and more readable than Perl! An Object Oriented language… err yes again with many lovely features! A procedural language… err yes once more – old is gold! A functional language … err yes some features are present. So basically I can’t describe this langauge – that’s a pain, how am I going to answer questions from inquisitive students??? Guido, can you help pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
Yet this multiparadigm language is so easy to learn and it looks nice in an editor – using indentation to end if statements is a wacky idea but it forces you to write indented code :).

So if you got some time, try out python after watching the Life of Brian. U won’t regret it


One response to “Python : a big bad snake?

  1. Tried out Python online and then purchased that big Wrox Press book titled ‘Beginning Python’. That’s all you need to keep you going and of course, it’s bundled with a lot of Linux distros like Mandriva (my favourite one).

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