Shilpa Shetty wins Big Brother


I’ve said many things on racism on this blog and just recently, the Shilpa Shetty incident in big brother caused a major splash around the world – it has even been said that it was about to spark some diplomatic incidents between India and England! So of course I couldn’t wait to comment on that – just had to wait to get the time to do so :).

So, let’s get to the meat!

Shilpa was “racially assaulted” by Jade and broke down in tears – As usual I condemn racist behaviour but I guess that the abuse in this case wass caused by jealously. Shilpa is a beautiful girl and the other contestants had to find a way to bring her down. So as she apparantly had no “weakness”, racially abusing her was the only way to bring her down – shameful. Then as you probably know, Jade was evicted from Big Brother and eventually Shilpa went on to win big brother.

However, this is the interesting part. Given that she was “racially abused”, could Shilpa have NOT won Big Brother? In other words, would the British have to courage to kick her out? If you want my opinion no and the day that she broke down in tears is the day she won Big Brother!
Let me explain myself: the “racial abuse” was being discussed all round the world and this prompted for hints that the British are racist. Had they decided to vote Shilpa out, they would have surely been branded as racists. So to dispell this dark cloud coming, Shilpa had to win and this is what happenned!

So I really don’t know where to be sad or to laugh at the whole thing. Sad for the British because they had to make Shilpa win (wherther they really liked her or not) so that they would prove that they are not racists. Laugh because the “racial assault” backfired and the torturers are now tortured; Shilpa won and we live in a perfect world where the bad guys get punished 🙂

P.S. I’ve been in England for one and a half years and I’ve never found myself sidelined because I come from Mauritius and I’m not as white as the British. The British are very “reserved” people – you have to break a wall to get to them 🙂 but once this is done, they are very fine people.


One response to “Shilpa Shetty wins Big Brother

  1. Ere Corectes! dude agree with yr statement but i’ll go one step further. They wanted the ‘victim’ to triumph to ease their own doubt, i mean come on here in MU it’s even more obvious when people talk the epidermy of the person is usually the descriptive element.
    Just to remind u that when there were the London Bombing a Mauritian died and lots of people went to the funeral even though previously they may or probably had bitched/stated words that would have been construed as racism.
    Bottom line most of the people on this planet will react to what society dictates!:)
    on the bright side can’t say it’s too bad for us coz that allows us to manipulate them!:P

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