Dapper Drake LTS or Edgy Eft

The Ubuntu foundation released Edgy Eft late last year and I’m still pondering on whether to upgrade or not!

Well I did move from Breezy Badger to Dapper when the latter was realeased but this time I am hesitant? Edgy is inline with the ubuntu promise of releasing an OS every 6 months but Edgy is not LTS (Long Term Support) meaning that in another 6 months (now it’s April 2007) I will have to move to the next version of Ubuntu coz I will want to keep up to date! Upgrading from one version to another is no big deal but it will surely take me about a day to sort out all my driver issues and now that i have a very stable Dapper I am not too keen on wasting time and uprading every 6 months is surely not in my plans.

So I guess I’ll wait for the next LTS from ubuntu unless I get bored with my outdated software before that 🙂


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