Windows Explorer with tabs – UltraExplorer


So you are looking for an alternative to windows explorer; something that has the same functionalities, allows you to use tabs (Microsoft has introduced tabs in Internet Explorer but not yet in Windows Explorer) and is absolutely free. Well look no futher. The solution is UltraExplorer.

This little wonder will do everything that windows explorer does for you (except show pictures in Filmstrip view) and allows you to use tabs.

Click here for more information.


15 responses to “Windows Explorer with tabs – UltraExplorer

  1. haha maybe microsoft also will follow!!

    i will seem dumb here but there is something i don’t seem to understand about opensource..
    will microsoft be able to copy the same stuff.. and patent it??

    coz many features availabe in vista were around for sometime now.. and still microsoft had to problem including it in its own product and making money out of it!!

  2. I had no idea about such a program.
    It is cool, useful and I like the “Drop Stack” feature.
    Now I can manipulate much faster “my brains”…;-)
    I think you got it who I am … πŸ˜‰
    Thank you Pascal for sharing this info.

  3. Noted a down side though – slighty slower than Windows Explorer – quite normal since it seems that it was built on top of Windows Explorer but the tabs still remain useful; yet I guess i’m just too used to Konqueror on Linux and right now UltraExplorer is the best equivalent on Windows

  4. Ah, ok launching. Yes, Explorer gets to preload all its DLL’s during booting so it has an unfair advantage from the moment you push the on button.


  5. But nevertheless, it’s a vey good job I think u did n ultraexplorer is now my default file browser especially when I have complex file manipulatuions to do; very often.

    Another unfair advantage of windows explorer is that it can be launched directly with: windows key + e.

  6. a question:

    how can I do UltraExplorer my default file browser?

    well, actually I want to double-click on a folder shortcut on my desktop and automatically open it with the UltraExplorer

    P.S. great job

  7. Hello Dimitris

    Unfortunately I don’t know how to do that. It would be best to ask Jim or go directly to their site and ask.

    P.S. If u know the answer, please post it here, I’d be interested to know too πŸ™‚

  8. Jim replied very fast to my e-mail!
    I give you his answer without anything changed:

    “This takes too much messing with registry settings and I won’t take that responsibility. The best you can do is Tools>Shell Extensions>Context Menu Extension make sure that menu item is checked. Now right click on a folder or folder shortcut. You have an option to “Open in UltraExplorer”

    my comment:
    this will not stop me using his UltraExplorer. this functionality is not so critical to me. I still believe that Jim created the best untill now file explorer.

    thank you Jim

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