Paypal for Mauritius (now covered) Updated

Some good news:

It seems that paypal now covers up. This is a big step forwards in our integration in the digital world and the web!!!

Article of 13 February 2007


Oops, where’s Mauritius in that???

Guess that most of you have heard of Paypal but surprise surprise, if u r in Mauritius, u can’t buy anything from them :). So it seems that there’s still a big step before we become a cyber island! So could anyone concerned try to look into this matter: Paypal employees, ministers in Mauritius,…


18 responses to “Paypal for Mauritius (now covered) Updated

  1. Do not be sad… 😉 There is another country (Dracula’s country) who now is in European Union and is not listed either (at least I did not see it).
    I have access to PayPal but my instinct doesn’t really feel I should join it (at least for now) even if my friends use it.

  2. I laugh at my friends paying for their so-called Premium accounts of so and so file hosting services! Why pay for warez when there are hundreds of other sources out there to get them for free?

  3. For those who don’t know about Mauritius:

    Since Mauritius has as Motto: Star and Key Of the Indian Ocean, we would greatly appreciate to have PayPal supported here, else what’s the purpose of the Cyber Island?

    Is there any online petition to make Mauritius supported?

    And faster internet connections at lower prices would be very welcome.

  4. Hello everybody. Some time back I had sent a mail, 2 in fact…both of which came with negative answers from paypal. I asked them when the service will be available in Mauritius. Here’s a transcript of the reply I received:
    to me
    Jan 29
    Hello my name is Kristy, we sincerely appreciate your interest in becoming
    a PayPal member. Unfortunately, we are not yet providing services for the
    country or region in question. Establishing our service in each new country
    or region involves complex changes due to different regulations. We are
    always looking to expand our availability; however, due to the complexities
    of global expansion, we cannot provide a specific time frame. We are
    working hard and look forward to expanding our services to additional
    countries and regions in the future.

    Visit and click the “PayPal Worldwide” link in the
    upper right corner of the page for more information on the countries and
    regions that PayPal supports.

    It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing PayPal.

    PayPal Business Support
    PayPal, an eBay Company

  5. lol well apparently it IS a templated letter given i have got exactly the same one 🙂 Heh, i just wanted to buy meself a mangadownload premium account me 🙂 anyway yeah, our supposedly cyber island is not really up to the challenge apparently 🙂

  6. Indeed, Paypal would greatly facilitate things for us, but you know, Mauritius is just a dot in lots of water. So we might as well not exist for Paypal… Poor us.

  7. If you can believe this, I found this post via google. Yeah. for real. first hit.

    here’s an update for you. Mauritius is now in the paypal list of countries. BUT it’s send only…

    meaning you can only *send* money and not receive any payment. So if you are, say, a webmaster with a small site and who has set up ads to pay for his server bills and it so happens that his ad network(a very reliable bunch btw who pay on time) pays by paypal, you very suddenly find yourself having just been sent your first ad payment to your paypal account….. and have it refused… or at least, you’re refused the ability to accept the payment.

    paypal should be in the guiness book as the longest running and most widely accepted scam ever.

    Right now I’m just going to close my account, create a new one, tell them I’m South African or some other fully working country and scam them back in return

    this is depressingly stupid…

  8. Paypal should be avoided! Those bloody fanatics! There is another more secure and more performing alternative to paypal. Its and its available for mauritius.

  9. Interesting read, but… we are entering 2012 and still there is no PP receiving money option here! Who is responsible? I don’t think it is PP itself, but perhaps Ministry of Finance or BOM?

  10. “MRA” would not be able to contol the money that is coming in and should get the go ahead from Ministry of Finance and BOM.

    It is a vey big deal ahahah

  11. I personally think that a lot of our Mauritian brothers and sisters who want to make online business should sign a petition to PP for Mauritian inclusion. We are very similar to Singapore and she is included, yet we are deprived of this (Receive) service.

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