Scorning Valentine


Many people seem to treat Valentine’s day with a lot of disdain claiming that it’s only about spending money. Hold on, what festive celebration isn’t without money? Perhaps Christmas or Easter or mother’s day or birthdays or … . Come on, this is ridiculous! We live in material world and u want it or not, all celebrations are about buying gifts and eventually money. If u decide to make it all about money, then ur perception of valentine is skewed!!!

Claim number 2: why choose that specific day to tell to your valentine that u love him/her. Do u choose just mother’s day to tell ur mother that u care for her or is it simply a special day to remind her that she is there and u care abt her. Similarly valentine is just a day where love is especially celebrated and I don’t find anything wrong about that. If something is bad abt that, well stop mother’s day, birthdays, public holidays, international day of the woman, water,… and what not. Again if u choose just that day to tell the person that u luv that they are important to u, something is very in ur relationship.

So don’t take out your issues on others please!!! The especially funny people are those who dislike valentine just to be different. I’m just tempted to laugh or pity them(what a lame way to be different? – r u so desperately common that this is your only way to shine?). They try so hard to scorn at it in so many ways that they only end up making themselves ridiculous like a presenter I saw on TV on Friday that completely lost the plot – St Vas t’en loin!


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