Computer Science Department – UoM

The Computer Science & Engineering department – the place where I work 🙂 – of the University of Mauritius has finally got it’s own website. The address is:

There’s still more work to be done on it but now we have a “window on the world” and now people should be able to find us and that include: future students, external examiners, . . . So do visit it coz we’ll try to provide up-to-date information as far as we can.

One more thing, the website is running on Drupal 5.1. It’s really a nice CMS and all that you can do with that is really great especially given that is is totally free (I’ve tried Mambo which is a nice too but I’ve think it’s more complex than Drupal).


3 responses to “Computer Science Department – UoM

  1. Good Zetwal,
    hope that UOM has better vision now. Especially for the CSE Department. Hope that student shall benefit a lot. Is the site available on the net, since i tried to access it but has an error.
    Just let me know

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