Free python editor – try PyPE

Since I started investigating Panda3D, I’ve delved a bit into Python (I’ve not been swallowed by the giant snake yet) – can’t dop otherwisem Python is the scripting language in use there! But it gave me the chance to learn a new language! So where can I get a decent editor?

A good resource for that is Python is the Python wiki and a good list of editors can be found at

So tried Cream – looked good (and it has a nice name 😉 ) but after a while was quite disappointed – compared to C++ and Java, the languages I kind of know, Python uses spaces to delimit end of selection and iteration statements and without a good editor, it becomes quite hard to delimit the end of such blocks! Cream was not helping me at all with that 😦

Panda3D sort of recommends PyPE. So I said why not? To start with, PyPE doesn’t even has an installer – just copy and run it (quite weird for a “modern day” program)! But once this psychological shock overcome, I was pleasantly surprised. PyPE really helps with writing python codes: indentation is so easy to do-thence delimiting loops and selection statements is childplay, it’s not fussy at all to use – just the features u need to use, it comes with a python terminal and (oh delight) there’s even a command window to compile you code.

So if you are looking for a fit editor on Windows, try PyPE. On Linux, I have the cute Kate who just does whatever I ask her to (since Panda3D also runs on Linux).

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