Volito2 graphics tablet works on Kubuntu Linux!!!

Well, this might not sound like big news but it in fact is! The Volito 2 graphics tablet is supposed to be a solely Windows product – the system requirements on the box does not even mention Linux; the systems requirements says only Windows. However, i tried it on Dapper Drake Kubuntu and it works!!!

It does not work perfectly – the mapping is skewed and seems to get worse the longer you use it – but it is still usable. Perhaps with some fine tunings, it can perhaps work reasonably well; I’ll post a few things if i find out. The only thing I did was to install everything related to Wacom and graphics tablet from Adept.

So now I only have to get a software on Linux, that’s as nice as Flash on Windows to draw.

Also, I forgot that in my last post, I’d like to thank Anil (a lot a lot a lot) who looked for this graphics tablet in Malaysia and Hong-Kong before finally getting it in PC World in England. Shipping prices are crazy if u try to order something from Europe to Mauritius!!!

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