APEIM Ile Maurice

A.P.E.I.M is an assocaition that does a lot for handicapped children in Mauritius. APEIM is an acronym standing for Association de Parents d’Enfants Inadaptes de l’Ile Maurice. Their head quarters is at St Paul, Mauritius but they have schools set up all round the island.

At these schools they receive handicapped children that would otherwise have nowhere to go and they try to teach them some basic reading and writing skills. When they are old enough, they go to “l’atelier” where they are taught an array of things: how to make pillows, girl’s handbag, curtains and they are taught skills like sewing and if I’m not mistaken some carpentry. From time to time, they go to the swimming pool and do sports.

mat.jpga mat they made.

APEIM is not rich, they don’t get a lot of money from the government, and so they make some money by selling what they make. Sometimes they get orders from big shops and this really helps them I guess!

The aim of this post is not to make anyone shed a tear at them; they do not need pity but they need support for the incredible job they are doing! Sometime uni students drive me crazy, now just imagine them coping with handicapped kids! They toil a lot more than most of us but I guess the satisfaction they get is immense.


5 responses to “APEIM Ile Maurice

  1. Without people who know the real situation in detail, REALLY care and prove this by REAL ACTIONS no matter how difficult it might be, nothing can be done for the well-being of people with problems (and this is a generally valid truth, no matter the problem or the people: handicaped or not, friends or not, etc).

    So, real action and plans. Where are they???

  2. I didn’t get the part where uni students drive you crazy ?? lol

    care to elaborate on the pain of being a lecturer?? πŸ™‚

  3. Oh dear. Hopefully it doesn’t happen too often and I’d rather stay quiet abt that. God forbit, a few names might just come out πŸ˜‰

    The biggest pain of being a lecturer is that even if you’ve had a bad day and are not in a mood to talk, you have to talk and sound interesting to students in the lecture. But once u have mastered the technique of putting everything else aside when u step in class, things get better.

  4. bring on the names πŸ˜› lol

    teaching is one of the most difficult job i think.. To be able to convey ur knowledge about something in a simple manner so that everybody in class understand is really awsome!

    i think you really mastered “the techniques” in a short period of time,

    been doing a great job at uom..
    all the best for your career!

  5. Oh dear. This post is becoming all about me n the students that “drive me crazy” rather than APEIM.

    There r very few of these students.

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