Augmented Reality


You have most probably heard of Virtual Reality (VR). It’s well hyped in movies and it lindeed looks very flashy. Yet, real VR applications are not for tomorrow – u won’t be living in a Matrix-like world anytime soon!

Yet something that is knocking on our doors is Augmented Reality (AR). So what is it? Well as its name suggests, AR is a technology by which computer generated information is added to reality. Just like that it might not sound impressive but its applications are. Right now, when you read a book, it’s a “passive activity” but with AR, the whole nature of if could change! If you are reading the story of snow white, on opening the book , you might see snow white popping out and reading the story to you!!!

Even better, you are an electrician and you need to find where electrical wires are running in a building. Forget taking the plans with you. With AR, just by looking at the wall, you see where the wires are – they will be superimposed in front of you on the wall. You are a doctor and you need to examine a broken arm – just look at the arm and you will see where the bone is broken or cracked! All you need right now is a pair of Head mounted Displays (HMDs) and the whole world will change in front of you.

I lack space here to tell you more but more information can be found at:

To investigate AR, try the following:

Personally, I can’t wait for the holidays coz this time, Ive promised myself to delve deeper into AR throught the AR toolkit. I’ve haven’t got any HMDs 😦 and so I’ll rely on my webcam for now.


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