Vista launched this week in Mauritius – Delayed!!!


This is something that many people have been waiting for some time – the lauch of Vista in Mautitius and it seems that this week they will be served. According to what I’ve heard, Vista will be presented along with Office 2007 at Swami Viveka…. Exibition Centre, Pailles sometime this week.

There have been lots of rumours going around about Vista requiring new hardware, … but all that I can hope is that it’s better than the previous Windows which r really not great! I’m quite frustrated with Windows these days; my laptop has Windows Media Center and is “Windows Vista Capable” but it takes a hell lot of time to start and programs tend to freeze randomly. Is it my laptop? No, everything works just so fine under Kubuntu! Is it that I’ll have to reinstall Windows again :(!!!

Latest news: The launch scheduled for this week has been postponed – Swami Vivikanada (hope I got this right) suffered from cyclone Gamede or could it be that they’ve discovered a bug while rehearsing the presentation 😉 – LOL


3 responses to “Vista launched this week in Mauritius – Delayed!!!

  1. any idea about the system requirements for Vista??
    i heard around
    1Gb of DDR2 memory
    256 mb pc1 express card
    requires a decent hardisk as well

    But one things if you are getting all these hardware and assume you have installed VISTA and computer will working great. how can you tell whether its Vista that is working effienctly or its because of the NEW hardware with increased performance that is making your computer strive??

    But i still think y change from XP to Vista.. its too early.. first because of the bugs that i think will start popping out and experience says that any OS when first released is not that stable.. and since its microsoft i suppose there will be a second version ( sp2 or something ).. i just take that one directly

    There are many computer Vista Capable But will it be efficient??

  2. Well I have tried VISTA and I’m getting lot of problems. VISTA is very hungry on CPU and RAM. Still buggy!

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