A Computer Games Industry for Mauritius

Computer Games are one of the most profitable software business in the world. The revenue generated each year is massive – estimated to $ 7 billion in 2005 – and it is now general knowledge that video game sales exceed the Hollywood’s film industry’s annual box office. Yet the problem with games is that it is not “ok” to discuss computer games among adults and even more so in Mauritius!!! It’s not “serious” at all!!!

So is there a future for computer games in Mauritius? With attitudes like that, the only hope seems that a big company like EA games come to Mauritius. So I’m praying for that to happen.

But even if that does not happen, we still could have a start-up that makes games for mobile phones. Right now we lack the experience to build a full fledge 3D game – for the first time, how to make computer games is being taught at the University of Mauritius – but mobile games are possible and there definitely is a marketfor that – more people have mobile phones than computers and phones are becoming more and more powerful.

So when  do we start?


11 responses to “A Computer Games Industry for Mauritius

  1. “EA games come to Mauritius” lol i dun think that will ever happen!!!

    nowadays…i tend to prefer play games than make them ..due to laziness lol 😦

    using flash and actionscript, it’s quite easy to make 2d games….. there are some mobile phones supporting flash lite….

  2. but it still exists! so better than nothing! although it’s what is called an improbability! Hey zetwal, any nice shooter game u know? oblivion is so long that i got bored!:)

  3. Hmm – that new part of the course sounds great! I wish I had it last year when I studied VR!

    As we say: everything should start somewhere. I think that finally UoM’s catching up with the new hi-tech world: newer modules that are really near to what’s been taught at other univesities.

    I just downloaded the assignment and the deadline wasin year 2005/2006. Is that OK? I think it should have been 2007/2008.

    And last: are the notes available for students at UoM or we’ll get some notes online? Just wanna see what’s this new part of the module like :Y

  4. It’s now a yearly module, so had to find something to do the second semester!

    Oops, it should have been 2006/2007 – I’ll have to correct that!

    As usual, the notes are on good old Dolphin for now, so no chance for external access for now 🙂 .

  5. 😦 i opted for VR&E module but didn’t get it for my final year module. I really like making games. i tried to make some games out of computer graphics codes but i ran out of holidays. wish i got VR&E.

    Is it possible for someone who got a CSE degree at UOM to work, well not in EA sports, but in some of the big gaming companies? Did anyone from CSE actually make it till EA sports?

    • Great article. I am CSE student too. Most CSE students I know, work for web or software development company, but I know someone who is working for a game development company in Mauritius itself. I will try to find more information about the company when get the oportunity.

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  7. I just saw your post when googling Video games Mauritius. Has the situation evolved at all in the last few years?

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