Mplayer – the alternative to VLC

Mplayer is a wonderful little software which like VLC (and even better than VLC it seems) just seems to be able to cope with any codec under the sun – even tried to open an rmvb file with it; it didn’t crash but it got me only the sound.

I first heard of this little player while reading about the One Laptop Per Child Project; indeed, mplayer will be shipped on these $100 laptops and so had a go at it (it’s a bit hard to install VLC on Opensuse 10 when u do not have a decent internet connection). Got the binaries, compiled them n it works (had some warning during installation but nothing serious).

Also, Mplayer has been voted as Video Media application of the year on beating VLC by an amazing 20% (though I think VLC deserves better than that).

Mplayer also works on Windows but right now, i’ve only tested it on OpenSuse. So this little jewel is defnitely worth a look. Get if for free here.

2 responses to “Mplayer – the alternative to VLC

  1. I’ve been using Mplayer for some time now, specially due to the fact that I had some troubles playing the various video format under fedora core 6.With Mplayer, no problem at all :p

  2. Mplayer also has a port (MPUI) for windows. I use it on Slackware and it provides me with customised commands. Also, there is mencoder to encode clips. Do use Mplayer. Do remember to adjust the coefficient value for audio so as not to be stuck with audio syncing problems.

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