Upgrading Kubuntu: moving from Dapper to Feisty

Well to start with, Feisty Fawn is not out yet; it will be officially released on the 19th of April 2007 but that is just one month away and though I did not move to Edgy on my laptop (am actually upgrading my desktop to Edgy), I’m planning to do so when Fiesty comes out.

Why? Well simply because Feisty is version 7 of ubuntu and from Dapper which is 6, i think there’ll be some improvements – better support for laptops I’ve heard – I might be wrong but i’ll try 🙂

So how do you move from Dapper to Fiesty?

Option 1:

Judging from the past releases, I don’t think that the ubuntu team will allow a direct upgrade to Fiesty and completely skipping Edgy. So what I forsee is a lengthy two-step upgrade (Dapper to Edgy then Edgy to Fiesty) with possilities of lots of complications and headaches in the process. Many people have reported major issues after upgrades.

By the way, the best guide to upgrading Kubuntu is on the Kubuntu site: http://kubuntu.org/announcements/6.10-release.php

(By the way, I just finished upgrading on my Desktop and guess what, it does not work 😦 – I’m rescuing it with the Kubuntu CD)

Option 2:

If you refer to one of my previous posts – Perfect PC / Hard Disk Configuration – you will notice that I said that a hard disk is best arranged this way:

  • An NTFS partition for Windows and only programs (how will I play games if I do not have windows???)
  • One or more FAT32 partitions that store your data, music,…
  • A linux part (boot/swap/root) where you will have only linux programs

So if i need to move to Feisty, why not just install it over my previous Dapper?

What will i lose?…. Nothing; I’ll just backup my home directory, my Firefox and Mozilla preferences and I’ll just have to replace that in the new installation. I’ll get a working system ready in 30 mins (time for the OS to install) and I’ll just install the other software when I have time – downloading the packages for updating to Edgy on my Desktop took me nearly 8 hours.

(Oh shit, the rescue didn’t work, seems like I’m in for some work… shit happens )

So is there any fallacy in my argument?


One response to “Upgrading Kubuntu: moving from Dapper to Feisty

  1. sir, i’hv recently upgrade my pc with ubuntu 7.04. n am also using a 128kbs adsl modem. but i dunno how to install the driver for the modem so as i would be able to use it to connect to the internet. plz help me up sir.

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