An anime soceity for Mauritius

“Many” people seem to watch anime in Mauritius these days – at least more than i expect  -; the shops selling anime are usually very crowded. So isn’t it time to set up an anime society?

The aim of this society should not be to exchange anime – it’s not an anime exchange society I’m interested in. Rather, it should allow people who are interested in anime to meet up regularly and talk about some anime they saw (for example, if anyone has seen The Melancholy of of  Haruhi Suzumiya – I’d like to get some views on that) and also anime can be projected and members will then be invited to comment on them; the quality of the drawings, the story,…

This should be an interesting society.


7 responses to “An anime soceity for Mauritius

  1. Yeaaaaaaahhhh… Great idea… There’s been a boom in anime locally since adsl prices got lower… for those whose been watching since long, it’s nice to finally get some recognition… before when u said u watched anime, most likely u would hear “eta, sinois to gueter ta!” – they didn’t even know it was japanese – or things like “to enkor ti baba ki sa?”… lolz… Anime’s are much more interesting than live action movies in many ways… Personally, I contaminated many people with animes over the years…

    And yeah, “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”, think Michael (of CSE2A – of course you know him 😉 ) had downloaded them, but dunno the critics… ask him 😉

    Anyways, the Anime society is some brillant idea, but how could we get on the move? :S :S :S

  2. I say, we form our groupuscule! then we can paint grafitis on wall and tell the journalist we are from e hidden anime society fighting for recognition of our passe -temps!:) i say we start right now!!!!!!

    let’s start by bombing those who say anime is for kids!

  3. Being a die-hard anime fan, I fully agree! It’s high time we get something like this in Mauritius. I thought about that some time back and I am currently working on a site: for Mauritian fans. Give it a look if you are interested. It’s still new, so don’t expect a crowd.

    Suzumiya Haruhi is definitely the weirdest anime I have seen, but so much worth it. Refer to Wikipedia to get the “Chronological Order” version and rewatch the episodes in that order. It makes a weird sense… 😛

  4. Starting with a website or blog is a good idea – communication is a must and could act as starting point for an anime society. So if gets up, that could be used.

    A society will require commitment, so we must first know who will be dedicated to the society!

  5. I hope Numanga gets off. This idea has been in my mind for a logn time now, and I want to see it succeed. Recently, the site has been under heavy spambot attacks, so I had to implement a mod to prevent that, and prune all the topics…

    Too bad. Now the site is back to business. I need to start publicizing it a bit I think. If anybody wanna help, plz do! 😀

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