The demise of desktop apps?

In one of my previous posts I was talking about the demise of Microsoft. In fact, more than the demise of Microsoft, it’s the demise of dektop applications. Let’s consider the 3 most important things  people do on a PC (we’ll exclude things like chat which is already web-based).

1. Office Apps.

This is i think what most people use their PC for these days – writing documents and doing exel jobs. With Google Docs, this can be done online. Yet can we completely replace Ms Word or its OpenOffice counter-part by Google Word. In 75% of cases, i’d say yes but when massive documents need to be written, having the full functionality of Word does help.

Also, i’ve still not seen the equivalent of a presentation software available in Web 2.0 for now. So there’s scope for more work.

2. Play games

This comes right next to writing documents.  Minesweeper, Solitaire,… have their counterpart on the web and there are millions more. What is not available is 3D games that people play. World of Warcraft is played on the web but still requires a quite big desktop client. So still need a good PC for that.

3. Multimedia

Despite having a lot of bandwidth these days, people still can’t watch DVD quality movies on the web whenever they feel like it. The best alternative is still to have your movies or your music stored on your hard disk. internet radios are coming but in Mauritius at least, it’s best to listen to your MP3 locally.

So it seems that the demise of the PC is not for tomorrow. Microsoft has a lot of good years ahead of it and for programmers, it also means that there are lots of Ajax applications waiting to be developped; e.g. manipulating photos online, online drawing packages and other geeky stuff that would look like Google earth. So let’s get top work n why not make some money out of them 🙂

4 responses to “The demise of desktop apps?

  1. Online radio.. am already addicted to

    Unless we have a really really really godlike bandwidth.. only then we can play 3d games right over the web without any installations.

    Though.. thing are really really going online lately, security wise.. its scary.


  2. All this is cool, but to use Web 2.0 apps, you still need a good internet connection. And this is just what we lack in Mauritius.

    Perhaps there is hope for the future? Cuz I don’t really want to use a wordprocessor online if I have to constantly wait for reloads! (Ok, we got AJAX, but a good connection is required!)

    As for online radio, as Selven said, it really works. and others are great! Just hope that RIAA or some other organisation don’t ban them for supposed copyright-infringement or similar.

  3. Desktop apps will still rule I guess. One main factor is the very poor penetration of broadband services in Mauritius (don’t bother thinking of anything lower than 512K as ‘broadband’).

    How should we really experience the Web 2.0 revolution with the paltry telecom lines of ours?

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