Emtel Refill – Am I being conned?


On the 18 of April 2007, I got this text from Emtel:

Aujourd’hui, realimentez votre Emtel Prepaye a travers les ATM des banques (MCB, SCB,MPCB & FCB) et gagnez 20% du montant realimente en bonus. Conditions applicable.

Since I didn’t have lots of money on my mobile, I went for a refill at MCB. Tried a first time, a second time but in vain. Had to go in a shop and buy a card! Eventually the next morning, my refill was finally credited (only once) but I didn’t get any bonus!

Yesterday, like I guess many Emtel users I guess, I got a text saying:

Aujourd’hui, realimentez votre Emtel Prepaye a travers les ATM des banques (MCB, SBM,MPCB & FCB) et gagnez 20% du montant realimente en bonus. Conditions applicable

Since I had only about Rs 10 on my mobile, tried from an MCB ATM but in vain. Transaction unsuccessful!

So how long am I going to be conned by the guys at Emtel!!! Is it some “publicite mensongere” that they are doing??? Being an IT guy, I should understand that probably many people are trying to refill their mobile the same way and so the network is saturated. But guess what, I DON’T CARE!!! I want a service and that’s all!

The only thing I see is that I can’t do a refill when I do not have money on my mobile and in addition to that, they are lying about their adverts. Now I’m just wondering when is the next time I’m gonna be conned again!

18 responses to “Emtel Refill – Am I being conned?

  1. hmm, probably an error in their system if the ad is not to fool the valuable customers…
    given today is a “casse poz lakaaz” holiday, no one will be working on the system…

    did u tried the customer care? or just blogging it?
    only blogging does not work, nomad experience πŸ™‚

    lol, good luck

  2. blogging does not really work … but the bad publicity it’s going to cause will upset them a bit I guess and hopefully will make them to improve their service.

    If you google “Emtel refill”, it brings up this article! Certainly bad! Now the aim is when you google “Emtel” or “Emtel Mauritius” you get this – LOL!

    I’m not doing it just to be evil – doing it coz they r starting to piss me off!

  3. Emtel is ready to perform ugly acts to win a few more users….Lately they’ve been proposing cellplus users to swap their cellplus sims (even with zero credit) to get a brand new emtel sim with credits…I think it’s quite unethical…
    Doesn’t surprise me at all if emtel is resorting to misleading adverts now :p

  4. haha, well i guess too thats the reason y i was called for a meeting with their director πŸ˜›
    because of the free ad i was making on the internet, n that was one of his concerns in that meeting πŸ™‚

    hope u meet someone from emtel too πŸ™‚
    [cpv gagne carte gratis πŸ˜› ]

  5. Perhaps some probs here and there but I personnally did not get the message. Hopefully not :-).

    Emtel v/s Cellplus
    Anyway (same service) allows u to join someone. Try epin (best for the moment) >Rs25

  6. lol

    i’ve been using this service for some time now, without any problems

    except that its with CELLPLUS πŸ™‚
    works perfectly and you get free sms at every refill πŸ™‚

    woww we had all these banks in mauritius

    wats SCB? and FCB??

    can any1 of them provide me with a credit card that works with paypal 😦

  7. hmm i got conned also by this, but there is one thing why i am not shifting to cellplus, emtel has lots of disadvantages, the biggest is .. most of the time “pas gagne rezo dans mo lasam”
    BUT there’s 2 thing that forces me to still use emtel:

    1. Emailing my fone and emtel fone is free (this way i can talk to my computer and my computer tells me when someone has logged in my computer etc with just an sms .. this way i can rest assured that my computer is safely at home.. and i also know when my downloads are over etc..)

    2. I have the satisfaction that am not contributing in the making of telecomplus or mauritius telecom become more and more powerful and become a local microsoft.


  8. Hope so why not a Cheat having infinite amount of money πŸ™‚
    Need to implement a cheat then πŸ™‚

  9. The reason I’m on Emtel is coz most of my friends are there! But I definitely don’t like being lied to but like Selven, I like helping the competitor of MT – the guys that lease us Internet at such a high price!

    The price of Internet is always going to go down but it never does!!!

  10. as for me, am still with cellplus but not for long…

    once the course if over, am switching to emtel, y?

    – lol, pu brouille les pistes n dimoune arrete contacter mwa for nothing, “sa pas p marcher dan mo computer, sa kouma faire?”

    – for video call πŸ™‚ got to try it !

    – for internet access, i heard it isnt too expensive koz it depends on amount of data transfer.so an urgent chat wont cost much especially if nomad is not working, haha

    – to know where am i πŸ˜› malgres ki parfois it displays the name of another place, some kms away on the screen

    – epin

    – arrete soutire bacterie dimoune (Copyright 2004-2007 by etech )

  11. SCB was the old name Pascal. It’s now known since more than a decade as SBM (State Bank of Mauritius).

    Btw, I’ve never been disappointed with Cellplus. It’s true that I’m not a subscriber just to fill their coffers. I always go to what works more reliably and more convenient to my needs. It’s been almost 2 years since I last purchased a Cellplus scratch card. Any top up now working? Go find a single Cellplus user who’s ever had a problem with that! πŸ˜€

  12. For me it worked. Got my 20% bonus.
    Might be an exception coz all the people i know got their bonuses.
    You r lucky man.. go and buy a lottery!!! u might get first prize.
    Emtel rocks….
    Cellplus sucks

  13. MT Sucks… Bizin lance 1 campagne “Aret protege MT”

    Still wondering what ICTA / MT / Ministry of Telecomm are doing regarding the internet issue.

    They guys are taking advantage of our attachment for the internet. Zot pe faire roupie care lor nu la tete.

    Low bandwith, high cost….!!! *Grrr*…..Crappy people

  14. Hi…

    Cant we do a blog like that for nomad also πŸ˜‰

    They are really pissing people off these days..

    They implemented a sign in system and each time you connect to the internet you’ve got to sign in..

    On top of that if ur pc is idle for some time u r log out…

    and they claim that they provide 24hr internet in the contract…

    I would like to post there cheats on the internet and people would get that when doing search on google just like u did with emtel…


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