Shaman King – Ryu

This is a nice anime with many funny characters. The story line is as follows:

Yoh is a shaman who is training to be the Shaman King (basically the leader of all shamans with powers close to God) to acheive his dream – live lazily while listening to music! Eventually the aim changes a bit as the story unfolds.


What makes this anime interesting is the array of characters that assemble round Yoh; there’s Manta – his best friend and literally a dwarf who has a laptop while the other shaman have a spirit, Yoh tyrannical girlfriend Anna who wants to become the wife of the Shaman king and trains Yoh like mad, and then there are several shaman following Yoh ouf of which Ryu stands out.

Ryu of the wooden sword is perhaps the funniest guy in the whole of this anime. He has an Elvis-like hair style, wears Elvis-like clothes and has very weird funny attitude. He is overconscious about girls, loves milly-chan and has a strange love relation with Lyzerg (a boy) and the best thing is the relation he has with Billy the guy who always seems to be there to give him a lift.


Ryu: “Hello Billy”

Billy: “Hello Boy”

Ryu has an unfaltering faith in Billy but eventually Billy fails him coz of … engine problems. So funny to watch.

By the way, the aim of Ryu is to find the “besto” place if he becomes the Shaman king but his aim eventuallychanges to helping Yoh become the shaman King


7 responses to “Shaman King – Ryu

  1. watched first episode but didn’t really made me want to watch more…

    like Vicks, will try to watch more in the hols

  2. The anime is nice… Nice animation, nice music, nice story except the ending… I’m not satisfied with the way it all ends…

    Hmmm… shall I make spoilers??? lolz…

    All I would say is that in the end Yoh relied too much on others… pffft… Is he not the main character or what?

    I’m tired of the animes where the main character seems to have endless potential but ends up being a weakling in all battles… e.g. Ichigo in Bleach.

    Where the Bleach anime reached now is an example… He got beaten yet again by Grimjaww. He’s going to train to get new powers, n yes, to get beaten by him again. More training… super powers, gets beaten yet again by another Espeda. Yeah, it’s really like that, I’m reading the manga… pffft… lol.

    Same thing for Naruto. Super training. Super new jutsu… yet Sasuke is N times stronger. Pffft…

    I think the main character in an anime should be more “imba” lolz… Like in FMA or Death Note or Trinity Blood… [euh not like Goku in DBZ or Captain Tsubasa… those ones are overexaggerated!!! lolz…]

    Oops… Long comment again… 😛

  3. Like many anime, it ends suggesting that it will be continued and all is not over.

    Naruto and Ichigo are special characters – they have a lot of potential but they always get beaten but then they show their immense resilience and fight back. The fight and never give up attitude!

  4. shaman king is really nice… its for kids, agreed, but the story is real nice, and well its funny! i’d love to have amidamaru as best pal! too bad i have not had the time or willpower to dload the latest eps… maybe i’ll have to get them soon…

    speaking from another pt of view, i’ve found something which tends to pass down across generations of anime, starting from old saint-seiya to nowadays bleach, that thingy about internal energy, cosmo in saint-seiya and reiatsu these days in bleach… really a se demander, ya jamais de fumé sans feu… and since most legends, myths are based on real life happenings.. this is interesting!

    if am not making any sense, its on purpose :p

  5. Very true! Whether it’s reiastu, chakra, cosmos,… manga heroes all seem to have a special energy that they can “invoke”.

    If I’m not mistaken, there’s mention of chkra (certainly different from what naruto has) in hinduism – so maybe there’s something…

  6. the last episode is ver annoying… what happened to hao?? is he dead?? alive?? they stopped the manga and also left it hanging.. but at least they continued it now…

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