Pirating Software


Last Friday for lunch (the 15 mins that I had between a lab and a meeting), I suddenly badly wanted to eat “dholl purris”. While queueing up before getting served, I heard an “interesting” conversation.

Guy 1: “Do you have Adobe – After Effects”

Guy 2: “Got version X.”

Guy 1: “I’m looking for the latest version.”

Guy 2: “Only got a trial version for that” (in other words, don’t have the cracked version. It’s a great software, but haven’t tried it yet.

For those who’ve never heard of Adobe After Effects, it’s a very powerful (and expensive) software for doing post-production of videos that meant to be used by professionals. The guys I saw were far from being movie professionals – just amateurs who are having a go at launching the software, and clicking once or twice. It sounds cool to be using After Effects but pirating a software just to use less than 5% of its abilities is insane!!!

If you want to learn Video Editing, try jahshaka. It’s free and open-source but please don’t go pirating software just for the fun of it. Here in Mauritius, we have a culture of “pirating” software like in many third world countries I presume. It’s kind of normal to do that! The main arguements are: “Anyway it’s far too expensive – how can I affort that!” or pirating software is the only way to allow us to have access to powerful computer tools.

Both of these are bullshit. Many software are now available free (and some as openSource) where you will not need to spend a penny and still be able to use great software. So why pirate? Just to brag that you are using a pro-software. Forme it only shows your stupidity.

11 responses to “Pirating Software

  1. Talking about great software… is there anything that can zoom images to an extreme and still produce sharp outputs?…

    What I mean actually is, when you zoom in successively, you’ll eventually end up seeing the pixels… making the zoomed thing blurred…

    Is there any software that could reconstruct something from that and make the picture a sharp one or is it just movie stuffs like in 24 or CSI? πŸ˜•

  2. An image is normally made up of finite number of pixels (e.g 400 x 300) and while zooming in, u are just focussing on a pixel, increasing its size and spreading its content on more pixels.
    So given that the information available is finite, normal zooming cannot invent information for you.

    So if on an image which is very very far away, a table is represented by 2 pixels, u won’t b able to invent information about the pixel.

    However, if you are working with fractals, then things are different. Fractal images can be zoomed on indefintely and still have perfect quality images. So is there a technique that uses fractals to try to enhance images while zooming? I don’t know but would be interesting to research that!

  3. So why pirate? Just to brag that you are using a pro-software.

    lmao.. talking about which.. some just crack software (by crack i mean they download a patch some d00dz made somewhere, and run it which does everything automgically).. and they even feel leet after using a crack, i’ve seen ppl mass downloading trial software +there cracks, crack it, and brag to friends and ppl “heh i just cracked XXX software ” .. sometimes i even fell in the trap and said.. “ki vrai, to enkor gagne letemp all suivre registers avec univ?” then i will get the answer “huh?”

    vraimeme.. zot pensE ki zot inn vraimeme crack li “ZOT MEME” ziss par utilisation sa ti program zot inn download la… :p they even have a “i am leet” grin.

  4. “Is there any software that could reconstruct something from that and make the picture a sharp one or is it just movie stuffs like in 24 or CSI? ”

    that would be nice….

  5. As I thought… Sci-fi is just sci-fi then!!! πŸ˜†

    Oh fractals… I’m revising that right now… Hope the CG paper does not discourage us for the rest of the exam period… 😦

  6. How many people know how to crack software these days? For most people, cracking software only means downloading a crack.
    I fear that those getting in Assembly to do the stuff themselves is getting very very rare.

  7. “I fear that those getting in Assembly to do the stuff themselves is getting very very rare.”

    Have you ever tried to do it.

    Those people feel that by just using cracks, they are OK with it. Just bear in mind that those people who made those softwares took their precious time and don’t want to see their respective software being cracked.

    Vista ine fek launch. Some guys have already downloaded it and are using it.

    Oh my GOD 😦

  8. lol
    you got it completely right there..

    people tend to use professional software just to brag out it afterwards even if they rarely get to use the advance features in them..

    i often see job ads where employers seek people with experience with Dreamweaver, Jbuilder, Flash,… etc
    how are students suppose to have that?? (simple use trials lol)

    also books about professional software are available everywhere.. where as opensource software most people don’t know them ..

    Ok people not from the a computer background.. i think can be tolerated but its a pity to see computer sience students running after pirated software

    using free software is more ethical and i think with more time more people will see the light!!

  9. Humm! wow v impressed with people deciding to use original versions of programme! it’s Geroudis Management that’s going to be happy!:)

  10. To be fair, very few people have only legal (non-pirated) software on their PC. Yet, we can try to limit the use of non-pirated software to a minimum.

    Some examples of very commonly pirated software and alternatives:

    Pirated software – Alternative
    Windows – Linux (Technically an OS)
    MS Office – Open Office

    If we use these alternatives, we’ll have decreased the use of illegal software by at least 50% in Mauritius.

  11. Don’t worry Zetwal pirating software is far from only being a culture of third world countries. πŸ˜‰
    In my (french) school pirated software and games were even on the university network (ok we don’t sell it in the streets ^^).

    For some software I can understand that (by example we HAVE to learn 3dsmax if we want to work in the video games industry but can’t buy it). But for most of them I agree with you. Instead of pirating professional software we should try to use free software.

    A few people in my company told me that they cracked software themselves before. But also that it is a lot harder now.

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