Astronomy for Mauritius – May/June – Venus

Some time back I posted an article on astronomy and I received some interesting response from it (better than I expected; so why not continue).

botticelli-venus.jpg The birth of Venus by Boticelli

Looking North-West these days at around 7 p.m. you can’t fail to notice a bright “star” somewhere above the horizon, it’s so bright that you can’t miss it. Well this “star” in fact isn’t one – it’s the planet Venus, also know as the morning star or evening star (in ancient times, it was thought that these were two different stars). Venus never wanders too far from the sun and always seem to accompany it – that’s why it can be seen normally a short time just after sunset or just before sunrise. Many legends, in ancient times, refer to venus. It’s close association to the sun has always fascinated people and it being so beautiful might well be the reason why Venus is the Roman goddess of Love and Beauty.


Apart from Venus, there’s Scorpio, according to me one of the nicest constellations. For a start, it really looks like a scorpion, it has bright stars and there’s antares (also called the rival of Mars coz of it’s red colour – mars appears as a red “star” in the night sky), a red star, that is there too.

So if you are brave enough to face the Mauritian Winter nights, you’ll get the chance to see scorpio + there’s the added bous that Jupiter is right now in the constellation of the scorpion – so it’s two birds with one stone

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