Cheap “iPods” for sale

I’ve lost my pen drive for about three weeks now – normally I lose it for one week and then I get it back but this time, it’s been at least 3 weeks since I last saw it. So I’m starting to think that it’s really lost this time and most likely I’ll have to buy a new one soon. However, should I but a simple pen drive or an MP3/MP4 playing device like an iPod?

So today, while I was in Rose-Hill, I checked on some MP3/MP4 playing devices when oh surprise I discovered that “iPods” are being sold for Rs 2800. They are supposedly 1Gb iPod nano but even then, Rs 2800 (even saw Rs 2500 in another shop) is very cheap! So are these the original ones?

I had a look at the accessories and the manual that comes with it and they looked “suspicious” – a bit low grade for something from Apple! Anyway, I’ll have to investigate further to either find my pen drive or buy an MP3/MP4 player.


13 responses to “Cheap “iPods” for sale

  1. my advice :
    – either find it and have it hanging around your neck, so that u dont lost it again
    – organise a bd party so that u can get one as a gift -just as for me 🙂
    – stop using pen drives, get an external hd from etech, lol, the official supplier of computer parts in uom 😛

    those were only some silly advices, but still the best depends on how much importance does that pen drive hold for you…
    perhaps u can get ur answer and take a quick decision.

  2. Have a look at the Iphone btw… 😉

    It’s amazing to see how many people have iPods since last year… enfin, “ipods” more precisely, lolz… And most surprising part of it, most do think it’s the real apple thing… LOL 😀

    I’ve got an Apple Ipod Video 5th Gen, I carry all of my music with me… that’s the best part of it, any music, any time [at least when it’s allowed…]… the bad part is the size… It’s quite large and quite heavy… but the quality is nice…

    Anyways, if you don’t divert from the usual playlist that you listen to, a small Ipod nano is sufficient… But if you want to carry your whole library, just to have the choice anytime, you know what’s the way to go… lolz…

    Ipods are quite expensive here… I bought mine for Rs 9500 or so in Malaysia… Here it’s Rs 13 500… Rs 4000 difference is huge…

    Surprisingly, creative mp4 players are relatively cheaper than their apple counterparts… 😕 Maybe because Ipods are more popular and trendy… 😕

    Anyways, beware of fake ipods!

  3. BTW, ki zafer pena imitation dans sa pays la?

    “Made as in England”, zot deza trouV sa? Moi oui… LOL… lor ene coat…

  4. Y not consider other alternatives?? Y Ipod?

    you might as well get yourself something from creative.. or sony..

    might consider a multimedia player.. watch anime on the move lol..

    or even a psp!! 😀

  5. lol yep y ipod??? that thing is very expensive!!!

    lost my pendrive too… 😦 thought i would find it like i usually do but now it’s almost one month and i haven’t find it :(..

  6. i saw the ipod 1gb too at Rs.2500 in rh yesterday… hmmm… i strongly think they are fake… but they are pretty cheap… dun know if they are worth though…. :S…considering about buyin one….

    about the psp… the memory stick duo are quite expensive !!! :S that’s the inconvenience…. hmmm.. the original UMDs are very expensive too lol… and umd loading time is a pain… (playin the isos from memory stick is much faster :))…

  7. I bought myself an 8 GB USB drive with audio capabilities. It cost be Rs. 3500 and I love it! It is unbranded but has been working like a charm since March 2006.

  8. I’ve had my iPod Touch for over two weeks. I was one of the lucky people who happened to be at an Apple Store on September 13 when a few iPods arrived for sale. I bought an 8GB iPhone that same day, so I’ve had two weeks to use both. Essentially the iTouch is the iPhone less the phone.

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