My worst pizza ever … at ebene cybercity

Yesterday I was at ebene cybercity for a debate organised by Infosys. After the debate I went down to get some lunch. Hmmm there’s a chocolate cake and cheese pizza at the food court, how nice! Well this was to be the worst pizza of my life … it’s something ressembling bread (20 mm thick) covered with a 1/2 mm thick topping. From a distance it looks appealing coz u might think that there’s at least 15 mm of topping but no, it’s only 1/2 mmm topping.

But hold on, is that really pizza?
So to conclude, if ever u are ebene and see something vaguely like a pizza, beware coz it ain’t a pizza!

7 responses to “My worst pizza ever … at ebene cybercity

  1. hehe.. yesterday we were at ebene pizzahut .. with selven and some friends..

    WE had pizza too πŸ™‚

    well it wasn’t that bad :S

  2. That’s what one would call a thin-crust.
    The only pizza I purchase at Ebene ‘Cybercity’ is Pizza Hut’s because that’s what I choose among the average pizza stores out there.

  3. Just to make things clearer, I’m not referring to the pizzas u get at the ebene shopping centre but the pizza that is sold at the foodcourt inside the cybercity on the ground floor there – so I’m not talking pizza hut, … and the other shops there.

    Also I forgot the cost of this “pizza”.

  4. just like in our world we shud not buy pirated software
    need to have great pizzas at good places only πŸ˜‰

    now i know y noticed a group of lecturers @ Ebene Shopping Centre Food Court πŸ˜‰

    some1 in class who adds 4-7 toppings cheese in his pizza πŸ˜€
    even at Pizza Hut

  5. lmao.. that’s why i always put around 4 to 7 toppings of cheese on my cheese pizza.. because the pizza ain’t any good without more and more cheese. To hell if the lady taking the order watches you with eyes as big as apples, pizza must be eaten with atleast 4 cheese toppings, better with more cheese toppings.

    I have taken a pause from pizza though.. :p it makes you fat.


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