Manhunt 2 – Art or sheer violence

A Rockstar game is again in the limelight – Manhunt 2. After the very controversial Manhunt 1, Rockstar games have released Manhunt 2 and that game is attracting a lot of attention … not because it is extremely good but coz it’s “extremely violent” according to different rating boards.

The game will definitely be rated “Adult” or for mature audience but should it be banned? A statement from Rockstar game goes as follows: “The adult consumers who would play this game fully understand that it is fictional interactive entertainment and nothing more ” – quoted from the BBC website. However, BBFC director, David Cooke was quoted saying: “There is sustained and cumulative casual sadism in the way in which these killings are committed.” – quoted from the BBC website again – all this is amidst claims that Manhunt 1 led to the killing of a 14 year old boy in UK.

So which is which? I’ll let you decide on that – there’s an early YouTube trailer below.

However, if this was a movie instead of a game, would it have been banned? As far as I know, movies like Ichi the Killer (for those who don’t know, it’s the most violent/gore movie I’ve seen glimpses of) is still available with a rating mature to those who want to see it. So why ban Manhunt 2 and not gore movies – games are not considered as work of art! So, they’ll just be banned instead of being adversely rated. That’s the sad truth.

However, is that not justified? Who can prevent a kid from playing a mature game – he won’t buy it, his parents won’t buy it for him but he can get someone else to buy the game for him and then he’ll play. It’s much harder to control than a movie at a cinema. So maybe banning is the only solution.

Yet, with the Internet, those who badly want the game will get it. So is banning justified? That’s a long debate


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